Life Music - Everyone can make music. We just assume that we can't, because we haven't been encouraged to in the past. Starting from the premise "There are NO wrong notes!" and moving on from there, we'll show you how improvised music-making in a friendly group can bring out the rhythmical, musical person inside you never knew existed.

Art With A Difference – This session breaks through the barriers so often created whilst we are still children, and the expectation of photographic likenesses. Suitable for all, the newcomer and the more experienced, this session helps you rediscover or loosen up your drawing, learn a few secrets, and try out different materials, all in a supportive environment. Bring old clothes so you can relax as you work.

Write To Change - Using practical exercises, you’ll learn how to use writing as a tool for planning, bringing about change and promoting good mental health. You’ll discover ways to motivate yourself to write, techniques for creative thinking and be given an understanding of how storytelling shapes our lives. The workshop will suggest strategies for devising visions of your new creative direction as well as give an insight into the value of a diary or a simple note book.